ILC research report
14 December 2017
MICRA Professor Chris Phillipson contributes to ILC research report which finds that children as young as 7 affected by mental health problems are more likely to be out of work by 55.

Spotlight on: MICRA PhD Student Natalie Cotterell
14 December 2017
Congratulations to Natalie for her double win at her MSc graduation – awarded ‘best dissertation thesis’ and ‘the highest overall grade point average’

The Guardian reports on increasing portions of retirement spent in poor health
29 November 2017
MICRA Director Debbie Price comments.

Study on how medicines to treat depression are used in older people - participants sought
22 November 2017
The Manchester Centre for Health Economics at The University of Manchester is planning a study to explore how medicines to treat depression (antidepressants) are best used in older people.

MICRA recap on the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017
22 November 2017
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) 2017 Festival of Social Science ran from 4-11 November 2017 and included over 300 events across the UK.

The WHERL Consortium report that one in four retired Britons returns to work or “unretires”
26 October 2017
Professor Karen Glaser of King’s College London leads the WHERL research programme.

Food insecurity in older age – isolation, poverty and poor health
24 October 2017
Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics Kingsley Purdams research on the eating habits of older people has come under recent media spotlight.

MICRA introduces new 'Occasional Lunchtime Lecture Series'
26 September 2017
Guest speaker Dr Malcolm Fisk spoke on the ethics of using cameras in care settings.

MICRA Researcher Rachel Watson appointed Professor of Cutaneous Science
12 September 2017
Rachel Watson, Biomarkers Platform Lead in the Biomedical Research Centres Dermatology Theme has been appointed Professor of Cutaneous Science at The University of Manchester.

Low paid or stressful job – worse for chronic stress than unemployment
30 August 2017
Professor Tarani Chandola is the lead author of a new study by The University of Manchester which has found that people employed in low-paying or highly stressful jobs may not actually enjoy better health than those who remain unemployed.

Shirley Baker’s Post War Photography: Reactions of today’s generation of older people to the images of their 1960’s childhood
21 July 2017
Professor Penny Tinkler from the School of Social Sciences has led a project delving into the background of the images of everyday life in Manchester and Salford during the so-called slum clearances of the 1960s and 1970s.

School of Law Dementia Clinic gains awards success
20 July 2017
The School of Law’s Dementia Clinic had a successful night at the 2017 Making a Difference Awards with Neil Allen winning the Inspiring Communities (staff) category.

Report launch of ‘The Golden Generation? Wellbeing and inequalities in later life’
19 July 2017
On Tuesday 11 June at Manchester Central Library, MICRA and the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub held an Expert Briefing on this new MICRA report on Wellbeing & Inequalities in Later Life.

Longitudinal Study of Ageing: Health Effects of Renting
14 July 2017
Dr Bram Vanhoutte of the School of Social Sciences, and his colleagues have studied the 'housing careers' of 7,500 people in England over the age of 50, asking where people lived from birth until the age of 50.

MICRA’s Debora Price on pensions on divorce working party
14 July 2017
Professor Price and two other UK academics have been funded by the Nuffield Foundation for their work with The Pension Advisory Group (PAG).

MICRA Researcher Hayley James’ Briefing Note on Auto Enrolment into Workplace Pensions
6 July 2017
MICRA’s Hayley James has written a briefing note on the Pensions Policy Institute’s (PPI’s) PhD Briefing Note Series.

Scientists uncover the structure of tau filaments from Alzheimer's disease
6 July 2017
A study published this week in Nature uncovers the structure of tau filaments from Alzheimer's disease.

MICRA Collaboration with Age Friendly Manchester
28 June 2017
Age Friendly Manchester has recently released its Ageing Strategy Refresh.

Plenary Lecture at EADV Spring Symposium: Can We Prevent Ageing?
22 June 2017
Professor Chris Griffiths recently gave a plenary lecture at the EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) Spring Symposium, entitled “Can We Prevent Ageing” this concerned skin and ageing in general.

New £2 million trial to prevent tooth decay in older adults
21 June 2017
A team led by The University of Manchester has been successful in securing in a £2 million grant from the Health Technology Assessment funding stream of the National Institute for Health Research.

Volunteers Needed for Symptoms of Potential Lung Cancer Project
21 June 2017
Researchers from the University of Manchester are looking for people with symptoms that can (in rare cases!) be related to lung cancer, to help them test a symptom checker website.

MICRA Professor Funding Award Double Success
21 June 2017
MICRA Professor Chris Phillipson has been awarded funding for two significant projects.

Ready for ageing - now? Lord Geoffrey Filkin reviews the House of Lords ‘Ready for Ageing’ report at 2017 MICRA annual public lecture
31 May 2017
This year’s MICRA annual public lecture was delivered by Lord Geoffrey Filkin, Chair of the Centre for Ageing Better.

Institute Manager Jo Garsden undertakes one-year secondment to the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub
31 May 2017
Institute Manager Jo Garsden undertakes one-year secondment to the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub.

MICRA highlighted as key player in the development of arts and culture in Age-Friendly Manchester
22 May 2017
Esme Ward, Director of Learning and Engagement Department at The Whitworth and Manchester Museum, praised MICRA for their role in the Age Friendly Manchester movement.

Vacancy at MICRA: Research Fellow (Evaluation and Community Support)
17 May 2017
Applications are sought for the role, supported by a Big Lottery Fund grant in association with the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO).

MICRA blog: Making Greater Manchester great for older people
15 May 2017
Dr Elaine Dewhurst, MICRA researcher and Senior Lecturer in Employment Law at The University of Manchester, explores the impact new Mayor Andy Burnham could have on the lives of older people in the city.

MICRA to host study into effect of post-retirement work on wellbeing
15 May 2017
Dr Ellen Dingemans has been awarded a Rubicon grant to study how the physical and cognitive wellbeing of retirees across Europe is affected by post-retirement work.

Retirement linked to lower stress only for top jobs shows research
3 May 2017
MICRA sociologist Tarani Chandola, has published a new paper suggesting that the period around retirement may widen socio-economic inequalities in stress and health.

New book chapter on social responsibility and age-friendly communities
28 April 2017
MICRA researchers Dr Tine Buffel and Prof Chris Phillipson have published a chapter in the new book University Social Responsibility and Quality of Life. A Global Survey of Concepts and Experiences, edited by Daniel T.L. Shek and Robert M. Hollister.

Greater Manchester Ageing Hub calls for mainstreaming of ageing into policy
21 April 2017
The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub has called for ageing to be a central part of mainstream policy and practice in the region.

Organisations sought for research on responding to an ageing workforce in Greater Manchester from the Alliance Manchester Business School
20 April 2017
The Alliance Manchester Business School are currently undertaking research on developing 'good' work in Greater Manchester in response to an ageing workforce with funding from Lord Alliance.

Neighbourhoods and Dementia study update (spring edition)
18 April 2017
The latest update on the ESRC/NIHR funded Neighbourhoods and Dementia study is now available on the project website.

Participants sought for research into how the ageing process affects our ability to combine sensory information
7 April 2017
Researchers from The University of Manchester are seeking participants for a study about how the ageing process affects our ability to combine sensory information, a process known as multisensory integration.

Dr Nan Zhang wins Hallsworth Fellowship for research on ageing populations in China
6 April 2017
Dr Nan Zhang has been awarded the Hallsworth Fellowship for her proposal on the socio-economic and demographic dynamics of urbanisation on ageing populations in China.

Participants living with dementia and their carers sought for research study about living well with dementia together
24 March 2017
Researchers from the University of Manchester are seeking participants for a study about the social aspects of living well with dementia together. The study aims to understand the ways in which people make shared decisions about how to live well with dementia together.

PhD studentship on social isolation
21 March 2017
MICRA invites applications for a PhD studentship focused on examining social isolation amongst older people.

Prof Debora Price in The Telegraph on women over-65 getting married
15 March 2017
Prof Debora Price commented on the trend of women aged over-65 getting married in an article published by The Telegraph this week.

Research project leads to age-friendly bus service
17 March 2017
Older co-researchers help reinstate bus service in Chorlton and Whalley Range.

SENSE-Cog project team holds event for Brain Awareness Week at Wythenshawe Hospital
2 March 2017
As part of wider dementia research activities in Manchester, members of the EU-funded SENSE-Cog project team are participating in an event on Tuesday 14th March at Wythenshawe Hospital, South Manchester as part of Brain Awareness week.

Healthy volunteers sought to gather data on movement patterns using the 'magic carpet'.
21 February 2017
University of Manchester researchers Dr Patricia Scully, Professor Krikor Ozanyan and PhD candidate Omar Costilla-Reyes are seeking volunteers to gather more data on movement patterns on the 'magic carpet'.

New report on developing Greater Manchester as an Age-Friendly region
16 February 2017
Professor Chris Phillipson has published a report outlining a strategy to help Greater Manchester become the first ‘age-friendly region’ in the United Kingdom.

Blog series for Greater Manchester Ageing Conference
15 February 2017
MICRA and the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub have launched a blog series on ageing to coincide with the Greater Manchester Ageing Conference 2017 on 16 February.

MICRA experts comment in The Guardian series on work and retirement
6 February 2017
MICRA Director Professor Debora Price and Professor Chris Phillipson feature in a nine-part series in The Guardian on the impact of ageing Britain on work, retirement and wellbeing.

Prof Debora Price appears on Moneybox Live to discuss downsizing
31 January 2017
Prof Debora Price appears on Moneybox Live to discuss downsizing.

New report on findings from co-production of research on age-friendly initiatives
23 January 2017
MICRA academics Patty Doran and Dr Tine Buffel have launched a report detailing findings after involving older people in co-producing knowledge about age-friendly neighbourhood interventions.

MICRA holds International Symposium on Age-Friendly Cities
20 January 2017
Professor Chris Phillipson convened the first MICRA Symposium on Age-Friendly cities: Research, Policy and Practice, held on 16 and 17 January 2017.

Neighbourhoods and dementia research project update
19 January 2017
The latest update on the ESRC NIHR funded Neighbourhoods and Dementia project is now available on the project website.

New briefing note on the impact of automatic enrolment into workplace pensions written by MICRA PhD researcher
17 January 2017
Hayley James, a PhD researcher at MICRA, has written a briefing note summarising the impact of auto-enrolment into workplace pensions which was published by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI).

Deaf researcher graduates with PhD on lives of Deaf people living with dementia
11 January 2017
Dr Emma Ferguson-Coleman has graduated with a PhD from The University of Manchester following work on the ‘Deaf with Dementia’ project, funded by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Sarah Campbell discusses The Hair and Care Project on BBC Radio 4
9 January 2017
Researcher Sarah Campbell talked about dignity, appearance and the role of hairdressing in the lives of people living with dementia on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed.

New environmental research to look at impact of green spaces on ageing populations
6 January 2017
University of Manchester Geographer Dr Sarah Lindley is leading a new research looking at the impact of green public spaces on the health and wellbeing of an ageing population.

Penny Tinkler to research women growing up in postwar Britain
5 January 2017
Dr Penny Tinkler, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, has been awarded an awarded Economic and Social Research Council grant worth over £750k to explore the experience of young women growing up in Britain in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Research studies older people’s experience of digital health technologies
5 January 2017
Older people are trialling the latest digital health accessories for new research to understand how health data can better support older people.