SENSE-Cog project team holds event for Brain Awareness Week at Wythenshawe Hospital

2 March 2017

As part of wider dementia research activities in Manchester, members of the EU-funded SENSE-Cog project team are participating in an event on Tuesday 14th March at Wythenshawe Hospital, South Manchester as part of Brain Awareness week.

The SENSE-COG project, coordinated by the University of Manchester, aims to investigate the combined impact of sensory impairments and cognitive health in order to develop new tools that could improve quality of life and optimise health and social care budgets across Europe.

At the Brain Awareness Week event, the SENSE-Cog team will promote its research programme to clinicians, research staff, potential trial participants and their carers. The team will introduce the PEEK and HearCheck tools which are currently being used at the screening stage of the project's recruitment for its intervention field trial.

The session, which will take place at the research stall Wythenshawe Hospital from 10am to 2pm on Tuesday 14 March 2017, will be interactive and will provide an opportunity to learn about SENSE-Cog's research and identify potential trial participants.


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