The Journal of Vocational behaviour publishes research by Sheena Johnson on “Career Plateau”
11 December 2018
Dr Sheena Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at The University of Manchester has had two publications accepted by The Journal of Vocational behaviour. Both papers examine the concept of “Career Plateau”.

Congratulations to MICRA PhD Researcher Hayley James – winner of the Sociology Public Engagement Prize.
11 December 2018
MICRA is delighted to congratulate our PhD Researcher, Hayley James on winning the award for the UoM Sociology Public Engagement Prize (PhD).

MICRA Presence at Gerontological Association of America Annual Meeting
22 November 2018
A number of academics from MICRA presented at the Gerontological Association of America Annual Meeting, held in Boston November 14-18.

Professor Ruth Itzhaki speaks on her research into the potential links between Alzheimer's disease and the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1)
16 November 2018
Over 30 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and unfortunately, this figure will rise as longevity increases, so the need for effective treatments is extremely urgent.

What makes a good life in late life?
23 October 2018
MICRA's Professor Chris Phillipson and Hallsworth Visiting Professor Amanda Grenier contribute to a new report from the Hastings Center.

Older people who self-harm at highest risk of suicide, finds study
17 October 2018
‘Self-harm not just a problem in young people’

The Guardian asks what an age-friendly city would look like?
16 October 2018
Professor Chris Phillipson and research at MICRA features in an article in the Guardian newspaper highlighting issues relating to age-friendly cities.

A University of Manchester study finds people with type 2 diabetes at higher risk of death from both obesity-related and non-obesity related cancers
2 October 2018
The study unexpectedly found that people with type 2 diabetes were at heightened risk of dying from non-obesity related cancers.

Dr Kingsley Purdam speaks on shocking new figures on life expectancy
2 October 2018
Worrying new figures from the Office for National Statistics, for 2015-17, show that our life expectancy in the UK has stopped improving for the first time since 1982 – and in certain parts of the UK, life expectancy has even decreased.

Concerns raised about links between air pollution in cities and dementia
27 September 2018
UoM Professor Martie van Tongeren featured in articles by the Guardian and the South China Morning Post examining the recent study published in medical journal BMJ Open on the links between air pollution and dementia.

Dr Alison Armstrong announces new research collaboration opportunities at Whiteley Village Retirement Community
6 September 2018
MICRA hosted Dr Alison Armstrong from The Whiteley Foundation for Ageing Well for a lunchtime seminar on 5 September 2018.

University of Manchester researchers' Gait Analysis and Technologies findings lead to development of pressure-sensitive mats
13 August 2018
Article in The Economist reports on how our research has shown that the way people walk can be used for ID and health checks.

Walking Works Wonders according to Ricardo Twumasi and colleagues
1 August 2018
Dr Ricardo Twumasi of the Alliance Manchester Business School has co-authored two recently published health intervention papers related to the ageing workforce in the journal Ergonomics

MICRA research suggests that threshold adults (aged 25-39 years) focus on establishing adulthood before saving for pensions
26 July 2018
Latest research from MICRA and The Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) considers workplace pension participation amongst threshold adults aged 25-39 years old and suggests it is limited by a defensive focus on establishing themselves in adulthood.

MICRA PhD Researcher interviewed for Elder about the challenges of individual pension decision-making
25 July 2018
MICRA PhD Researcher, Hayley James, was recently featured in the Elder Interview regarding her research on individual pension decisions.

Manchester showcases its ageing credentials
18 July 2018
On 16 March, it was announced that Greater Manchester had gained World Health Organisation status to become the UK's first age-friendly city region.

Scottish Widows reports on the MICRA-affiliated WHERL findings on Unretirement
17 July 2018
Scottish Widows remark on how the concept of retirement has been taking a new shape in the UK.

Congratulations to Nadine Mirza!
6 July 2018
For the second year in a row a University of Manchester student has won the Stirling prize for the best student poster at the BSG Annual Conference.

New festival launched and challenge announced by Andy Burnham
3 July 2018
Mayor Andy Burnham announces the launch of Festival of Ageing and Mayoral Age-Friendly Communities Challenge to identify age-friendly places and projects

Copying movements could help manage Parkinson's
14 June 2018
New research by University of Manchester psychologists has revealed that imitation of movement can help people with Parkinson's.

Participants required for visual motion perception and ageing project
13 June 2018
Older participants (over 50 years of age) are sought for a study of visual motion perception and age.

Professor Debbie Price speaks on BBCs Moneybox on managing money in later life
16 May 2018
Money Box Live on Tuesday 16 May features an issue raised by listener Anne from Dorset who got in touch to tell the show she feels "practically paralysed" when it comes to making decisions about spending money.

The DeCIsion study - Dementia in Prison: Care Pathway Workshops
16 May 2018
The Offender Health Research Network is currently undertaking research which is seeking to identify what pathways of care and staff provision should be provided to support older prisoners with dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

HGV employers must support the health of drivers as they work into older age
8 May 2018
The transport and logistics sector in the UK is experiencing a rise in average workforce age according to research by Alliance Manchester Business School and the Health and Safety Executive.

The SENSE-Cog Trial recruits its first participant
8 May 2018
SENSE-Cog (Promoting health for eyes, ears and mind) is a five year programme, led by The University of Manchester which looks at links between anxiety and depression and hearing and vision problems.

Innovative study uses X Box sensors to assess safety in homes of the elderly
26 April 2018
Hospitals and researchers from the University of Manchester and Salford University have undertaken a study where Smart home technology is being piloted in Salford to help the elderly live more safely in their own homes.

How to meet the housing needs of an ageing population
25 April 2018
New research to understand, at a local level, what sort of mainstream housing older people live in, is being funded by the Centre for Ageing Better.

Greater Manchester Dementia Research Centre opened by Mayor Andy Burnham
17 April 2018
The launch of the new Greater Manchester Dementia Research Centre (GMDRC) marks a landmark new initiative aiming to make Greater Manchester a centre of excellence for NHS research that could one day cure dementia.

Journal of Aging and Social Policy publishes A Manifesto for the Age-Friendly Movement: Developing a New Urban Agenda
17 April 2018
MICRAs Tine Buffel and Chris Phillipson co-author an article which sets out a “manifesto for the age-friendly movement”.

School of Social Sciences Economics Professor co-authors international fitness study
5 April 2018
The University of Southern California (USC) led a recent study using fitness trackers to investigate how physically active people assume themselves to be, versus the reality of how physically active they actually are.

MICRA welcomes visitor Professor Julie Byles
4 April 2018
Professor Byles will be visiting MICRA from 18–20 April.

MICRA lecture: Homelessness in Later Life
22 March 2018
MICRA “Occasional Lunchtime Lecture Series” continues – visiting Professor Amanda Grenier speaks on Homelessness in Later Life.

Greater Manchester - a great place to grow older
22 March 2018
The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub announces Greater Manchester is the UK’s first age-friendly city region.

Tine Buffel Achievements and Background profiled on National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement website
15 March 2018
Tine Buffels Researching Age-Friendly Communities project won the NCCPE Engage Award 2016 in the Working in Partnership category.

Volunteers Still Required for study into the link between diet and eye health
13 March 2018
The University of Manchester and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital are jointly investigating the connection between diet and eye health – known as the ELVIS study: Effects of Lutein on Vision.

MICRA Director Debbie Price speaks on older workers, unretirement and a world without retirement.
13 March 2018
The Centre for Ageing Better recently released a new report highlighting that the UK's population is getting older and calling for greater equality and opportunities for over 50s in the workplace.

Chris Phillipson comments to CityLab on 'age-friendly' cities and the need to tackle inequality and poverty.
15 February 2018
Following on from the recent publication of 'Age Friendly Cities and Communities: A Global Perspective', CityLab writes about the further work that needs to be done in expanding the age friendly cities movement to low income households and impoverished communities.

Exploring new ways to treat cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other age-related diseases
7 February 2018
Professor of Immunology, Daniel M Davis from The University of Manchester has authored a new book, The Beautiful Cure: Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences.

The Future In Your Hands Photography Exhibition
7 February 2018
The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research from The University of Manchester present “The Future In Your Hands” - an exhibition of photography by local photographers Luke Brooker and Amanda McGovern.

The University of Manchester Presidential Fellowships – Ageing named as a key theme
7 February 2018
Early career academics are invited to apply for The University of Manchester Presidential Fellowships.

Sheena Johnson publishes new blog on the gender pay gap
1 February 2018
Sheena's blog encourages government, business and individuals to fight against gender discrimination and the gender pay gap.