Scottish Widows reports on the MICRA-affiliated WHERL findings on Unretirement

17 July 2018

Scottish Widows remark on how the concept of retirement has been taking a new shape in the UK.

Their recently published article is particularly interested in the concept of unretirement.

Around one in four retirees in the UK return to work or ‘unretire’, mostly within five years of retiring, according to research by The University of Manchester and King’s College London.

Calls for government and employers to support older workers and those who have unretired were made in a Centre for Ageing Better report released earlier this year. Scottish Widows encourages a diverse financial wellbeing strategy, and states: "There’s a lot of support available to employers. Some may come at a cost, but this won’t always be the case, especially where there’s already a relationship with a pension provider or adviser. It’s worth employers asking their existing partners what support they can offer to support a diverse workforce."

MICRA Director Professor Debbie Price has co-authored the WHERL study on returning to work after retirement of which findings are reported by Scottish Widows.

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