MICRA lecture: Homelessness in Later Life

22 March 2018

MICRA “Occasional Lunchtime Lecture Series” continues – visiting Professor Amanda Grenier speaks on Homelessness in Later Life.

On Thursday 1 March, MICRA was pleased to host the “Occasional Lunchtime Lecture Series” with esteemed visiting Professor Amanda Grenier. This series is aimed at university academics, research staff and PhD students. Despite inclement weather and heavy snow on the day, the event received a good turnout.

Amanda Grenier is a Professor in the Department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University. She is also the Gilbrea Chair in Aging and Mental Health and Director of the Gilbrea Centre for the Study of Aging. Dr Grenier has expertise in social and critical gerontology. She has conducted funded research on frailty, aging with a disability, and homelessness and ageing, the latter being the subject matter for the MICRA event

Amanda’s research highlights the fact that although they are increasingly visible on city streets in Canada and statistics older people tend to be overlooked in homelessness frameworks and strategies. The presentation included some key findings from shelter workers.

Amanda is writing a book on this topic: “Homelessness in Late Life: Growing old on the Streets, In Shelters and in Long-term Care”. The material she presented at the MICRA seminar will be included in the book which is expected to be published in 2019.

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