Walking Works Wonders according to Ricardo Twumasi and colleagues

1 August 2018

Dr Ricardo Twumasi of the Alliance Manchester Business School has co-authored two recently published health intervention papers related to the ageing workforce in the journal Ergonomics

These were part of a physical activity intervention called Walking Works Wonders which was a major component of the ‘Working Late’ research project. The project used longitudinal data from 1120 participants across 10 worksites over 2 years.

The papers point towards work being a major contributor to sedentary behaviour whilst supporting the need for interventions. The article “Walking Works Wonders: a tailored workplace intervention evaluated over 24 months” finds that employees who received either a standard or tailored intervention demonstrated significantly higher work ability, organizational commitment, job motivation, job satisfaction, and a reduction in intention to leave their organization.

Dr Twumasi told MICRA: "We have spent years researching the ageing workforce. Unfortunately, some of the same stereotypical attitudes are still shared by some employers that have become historically entrenched. While legislation has changed, attitudes do not change as quickly. Therefore, the next step in our research is to identify strategies to challenge these stereotypical views. As the workforce ages, employers have a duty to offer equality of opportunity to workers of all ages. "

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