Sheena Johnson publishes new blog on the gender pay gap

1 February 2018

The gender pay gap has been dominating the headlines in the past week. From the review published on Tuesday said which stated there was "no evidence of gender bias in pay decision-making" at the BBC, to the report published this week, sponsored by Schroders asset management company, from the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation which warns that by the time they are 50, female employees have built up only half the typical male savings pot for old age.

The latter mentioned report also reveals that men enrolled in the Government compulsory workplace pension scheme can expect to end up with pension pots worth about 80% more than the average for women

Sheena Johnson has published a blog on this very relevant topic, warning that without action from employers and policy makers the issues fuelling pay disparity have the potential to get even worse as the population ages. Sheena points out that culturally women are more likely to take on caring roles. This has long been the case with childcare, but also the care of older family members is more likely to be taken on by women than men, and this has the knock on effect of removing them from the workplace early, impacting earning potential and pension pot.

Sheenas blog encourages government, business and individuals to fight against gender discrimination and the gender pay gap. She suggests putting policies into place to provide pension support for those taking on caring roles for ill or elderly relations, and also to provide continued support for childcare.

Read the blog.  


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