MICRA to host study into effect of post-retirement work on wellbeing

15 May 2017

MICRA will host a study into how the physical and cognitive wellbeing of retirees across Europe is affected by post-retirement work.

Dr Ellen Dingemans, of Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) and University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), has been awarded a Rubicon grant to pursue the 15-month research project at MICRA, with her work to commence in January 2018.

Her project will investigate aspects such as country-specific work and pension context (e.g. more or less liberal) and examine different types of post-retirement work (e.g. part time or self employed), exploring how these affect wellbeing. Dr Dingemans will compare several European countries, including the UK, building upon her existing research into the Dutch context.

Dr Dingemans intends to include the insights of aging scholars from different scientific and academic disciplines within The University of Manchester, and will particularly call upon the expertise of Debora Price, Professor of Social Gerontology and Director of MICRA, and Tarani Chandola, Professor of Medical Sociology.

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