MICRA blog: Making Greater Manchester great for older people

15 May 2017

Dr Elaine Dewhurst, MICRA researcher and Senior Lecturer in Employment Law at The University of Manchester, has written a blog exploring the impact new Mayor Andy Burnham could have on the lives of older people in the city.

Making Greater Manchester great for older people: Ageing actions for the Mayor’s first 100 days is hosted on the Policy@Manchester website and argues that the region must do more for its ageing population.

According to Dr Dewhurst, Mr Burnham's key priority should be ensuing a commitment to age mainstreaming, giving older people a platform to become partners in the decision-making process. Dr Dewhurst also highlights the need for the Mayor to ensure that the language of active ageing and opportunity replaces the more troublesome and negative terminology regarding older people - something that could gain significant traction in the first 100 days of his office.

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