Blog series for Greater Manchester Ageing Conference

15 February 2017

MICRA and the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub have launched a blog series on ageing to coincide with the Greater Manchester Ageing Conference 2017 on 16 February.

The series of 5 blogs brings together the views of experts, policy makers and academics on ageing and the development of Greater Manchester as an age-friendly city-region.

Prof Martin Vernon, National Clinical Director for Older People and Person Centre Integrated Care, NHS England, blogs on the factors which must be considered in order to support older populations who remain fit to lead fuller and longer working lives. Dr David Lee and Professor Josie Tetley blogs about their Valentine’s Day report ‘How long will I love you? – sex and intimacy in later life’, arguing that sexual health and sexual well-being are not an irrelevance to older people. Hosted on the Manchester Policy Blog website, the series runs from 14-17 February 2017. Other contributors include Dan Jones, Director of Innovation and Change at the Centre for Ageing Better, PhD student Amy Barron, and Chair of the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and CEO of Tameside Council, Steven Pleasant.


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