Global Network for Ageing Research on China/Chinese (GNARC)

The Global Network for Ageing Research on China/Chinese (GNARC,中国老龄化全球研究网络) was established over summer 2021 and is currently led by Dr Nan Zhang at The University of Manchester.

About the GNARC

The GNARC is a dedicated platform that aims to bring together researchers, policy-makers and NGOs that are passionate about topics around ageing and well-being, with a particular reference to China. The GNARC is a vibrant and ever-growing community with nearly 200 members from all over the world: China, UK, North America, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The activities of the GNARC will be delivered through 4 strands:

  • Share cutting-edge research (theories and practices) that focuses on ageing, health and well-being, with a focus on China.
  • Communicate ageing research discoveries and results to the public, to the research community and to key stakeholders.
  • Nurture the next generation of researchers that are passionate about ageing research, especially on China and the Global South.
  • Collaborate with older people, researchers, NGOs and policy makers to improve health and well-being in later life.


To support collaborative research, including collaboration with older people, the research community, and key stakeholders, to nurture future generations of ageing researchers with a particular focus on China (and the Global South), and to bridge the East and West.

The GNARC Seminar Series

At the GNARC, we hold a regular seminar series featuring theory and practice, methodology and substantive topics on cross-cutting themes: ageing, well-being, inequality, life course and China. Our speakers are from the scientific community, public sectors, NGOs and thinktanks all over the world. The GNARC seminar series will take place online to reach our audience from different corners of the world.

The GNARC ECR Methods Seminar Series

We are organising regular online and/or face-to-face methods seminars to discuss and critique one particular method or publication that has inspired one’s own work on ageing and well-being. At times we invite the authors of chosen publications to share their first-hand experiences with us. Our ECR Methods Seminar is open to everybody who is interested, and early career researchers and/or PhD students are particularly welcome.

How to join the GNARC events?

If you want to join the seminars and other events, simply send ‘subscribe’ (and your affiliation) to Joining details will be sent to the mail list subscribers in due course before each event.

Contact details

Follow us on Twitter: @gnarchina