Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG)

The Group comprises research around six interrelated themes of importance for older people and younger older people (retirement age).


  • Falls and falls prevention.
  • Activity and exercise promotion.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain management.
  • Use of novel technologies.
  • Social and residential care Access to services and treatments.


  • Undertake high-quality research into older adults and younger older adults with an emphasis on healthy and active ageing so to ensure the promotion of good health and active participation in society.
  • Develop research capacity in the topic of healthy and active ageing.
  • Ensure that the work of the group demonstrates a change in policy and practice for older people at a local, national and international level.
  • Engage the involvement of the public and patients in research activities.

We will

  • Develop interventions to promote active and healthy ageing, assist older people to maintain independence, promote quality of life and ensure active participation in society.
  • Promote equity, especially by investigating determinants of access to services and treatments as they relate to ageing.
  • Inform policy and practice for older people locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Involve the public and patients in research.

HARG lead

Professor Chris Todd, Professor of Primary Care and Community Health, The University of Manchester.

HARG deputy

Dr Emma Stanmore, Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester.

Group members

Dr Moira Attree; Dr Sorrel Burden; Dr Helen Hawley-Hague; Dr Anne-Marie Sowerbutts; Dr Elisabeth Boulton; Dr Karen Spencer; Dr Shaun Speed; Dr Penelope Stanford; Dr Kanta Kumar; and Jane McDermott.

Current projects

The PreventIT project - improving health and active ageing with mobile technology: www.preventit.EU.

ProFouND - The Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination: