Work and Retirement Research Group

The Work and Retirement Research Group (WRRG) is a university-wide network of researchers committed to the development of cross-disciplinary research on issues associated with ageing, working life and retirement.

By 2030, there will be a 51% increase in people aged over 65 in the UK with consequent implications for work, retirement and pensions. One of the significant challenges is understanding attitudes to ageing, what people perceive to be ‘old’ and what impact this has on choices regarding work and retirement.

Ageing and work

Given the economic and social challenges presented by an ageing society, the Work and Retirement Research Group would like to explore the impact of the move towards longer working life. Later working can improve financial conditions by reducing dependence on savings, bring about improvements in health, increase opportunities for social interaction and can be intellectually stimulating. However, research also suggests that later working can have potentially negative health and welfare implications. The Work and Retirement Research Group aims to explore these challenges and impact policy on longer working lives.

Ageing and retirement

Retirement ages, paths to retirement and health and welfare in retirement have become significant points of interest for the Work and Retirement Research Group. Moves to eliminate ‘cliff edge’ retirement policies, to encourage part-time and flexible working and to defer state pensions have been introduced.


Get in Touch

If you would like to get in touch about consultancy work or to join the The Work and Retirement Research Group, please contact The group are holding an informal networking meeting in early October 2022 so that those working in these areas can meet and talk about mutual interests. If you would like the opportunity to network and meet with other researchers in your field, please contact