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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

MICRA PhD Network

The MICRA PhD network is open to all students researching any aspect of ageing and ageing populations

Members include students from the The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University: 

  • Amy Cathryn Barron - Interrogating the 'age-friendly city': A study of lived experience
  • Oktawia (Octavia) Borecka - Age-related ability to synthesise Vitamin D in the skin on exposure to sunlight
  • Philippa Calver - To what extent are household needs recognised and addressed within UK domestic ‘demand response’ pilots and plans?
  • Georgia Chatzi - Life course socioeconomic position effects on inflammatory biomarkers in older adults: compensating for missing data
  • Natalie Cotterell - Growing old in the city: developing policies and practices to tackle social isolation amongst people aged 50 years and older
  • Hayley James - Connecting policy with the personal: UK pension reforms and individual financial decision making
  • Praval Khanal - Genetics of sarcopenia
  • Laura McGowan - Developing an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in older adults
  • Nadine Mirza - DELTA: The development of a toolkit to improve dementia diagnosis and access to memory services for the British Urdu speaking population
  • Louise Mitchell - Improving the health of older people with the use of green infrastructure: a case study approach investigating Care Farming and Community Gardening
  • Francisca Ortiz - Surviving old age on a Chilean pension: A research about personal life of ageing using mixed methods (SNA and QCA) 
  • Sasiporn Ounjaichon - Exercise Programme for Fall Prevention in the Older Population
  • Samuele Remillard-Boilard - Developing age-friendly cities: a cross-national perspective
  • Anna Sanders - The impact of gendered policies on women’s voting behaviour: An analysis of the 2015 UK General Election