PhD Network

The MICRA PhD network is open to all students researching ageing and ageing populations.

Members include students from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University: 

  • Toby Aarons - Investigating extracellular vesicle miRNA as a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease.
  • Hannah Cross - Improving Quality of Life through Addressing Communication Needs for People Living in Residential Care with Dementia.
  • Schenelle Dlima - Frailty progression and maintaining independence to age in place: can routing data help?
  • Danielle Harris - Addressing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown deconditioning.
  • Sally Hoodless - Technology-assisted implementation of FaME falls prevention programme among community-dwelling older adults.
  • Bibhusha Karki - Co-development of a digital activity programme for older people from minority ethnic communities
  • Nadine Mirza - Improving access to memory services and an accurate dementia diagnosis for the British Urdu speaking population.

Past Members

  • Oktawia (Octavia) Borecka - Age-related ability to synthesise Vitamin D in the skin on exposure to sunlight.
  • Philippa Calver - To what extent are household needs recognised and addressed within UK domestic ‘demand response’ pilots and plans?
  • Georgia Chatzi - Life course socioeconomic position effects on inflammatory biomarkers in older adults: compensating for missing data.
  • Natalie Cotterell - Growing old in the city: developing policies and practices to tackle social isolation amongst people aged 50 years and older.
  • Praval Khanal - Genetics of sarcopenia.
  • Mohammad Nazmul Hussain - Understanding the support needs of people with dementia among the UK Bangladeshis.
  • Laura McGowan - Developing an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in older adults.
  • Sarah McMullen - Developing a culturally adapted intervention to improve cognitive functioning in British South Asians with dementia.
  • Louise Mitchell - Improving the health of older people with the use of green infrastructure: a case study approach investigating care farming and community gardening.
  • Francisca Ortiz - Surviving old age on a Chilean pension: research about the personal life of ageing using mixed methods (SNA and QCA).
  • Sasiporn Ounjaichon - Exercise programme for fall prevention in the older population.
  • Samuele Remillard-Boilard - Developing age-friendly cities: a cross-national perspective.
  • Anna Sanders - The impact of gendered policies on women’s voting behaviour: an analysis of the 2015 UK General Election.