Declan Ryan

Title: The effect of mobility on the cardiometabolic profile of older adults

PhD summary

Sedentary behaviour physiology has become a growing topic area over the last decade due to realisation that sedentary behaviour (seated or reclined postures expending <1.5 METs) affects the human body independently of moderate intensity physical activity. This means that performing physical activity may not negate the negative side effects of prolonged sedentary behaviour.

My research at the Health, Exercise, and Active Living (HEAL) Research Centre involves monitoring older adult’s mobility levels using accelerometry throughout a ‘normal’ week. These mobility levels are then compared with cardiometabolic health parameters (e.g. intima-media thickness, flow mediated dilation, lipoprotein lipase concentration) to determine whether sedentary behaviour or physical activity, of varying intensities, influences health status.


September 2014 - September 2017


Manchester Metropolitan University

Institution name

Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire Campus


  • Dr Gladys Onambele Pearson (DoS) (MMU)
  • Dr Georgina Stebbings (MMU)
  • Dr Chris Morse (MMU)
  • Prof Claire Stewart (LJMU)

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Short biography 

In 2013 Declan graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire Campus with a BSc in Exercise and Sports Science. Immediately following his BSc he started a Masters by Research degree at the same university before being offered a funded transfer onto the PhD following 6 months of study. 

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