A University of Manchester report highlights the need for social innovation in home care of older people

3 October 2016

A joint report launched on 12 September 2016 at the Fairer Futures: Reshaping Care for Older People day symposium, argues that, with a social innovation approach, local authorities could provide better home care which benefited carers and cared.

It says that in adult care, the central state and expert community have promoted the worthy aims of personalisation of care and outcomes-based commissioning. But, partly as a result of austerity cuts, adult social care is a sector now facing multiple crises. There is a financial crisis in terms of service cuts, a care quality crisis, a workforce recruitment and retention crisis and a provider crisis resulting from squeezed margins.

Set out in three sections, the report analyses the root causes of this disappointment and explains how the sector has made uneven and inconsistent progress towards the worthy aims of policy and concludes with a proposal of an alternative radical social innovation approach to the problem.

Further information and full report: Why we need social innovation in home care of the elderly

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