Who wants to work forever? Work, retirement and well-being in later life

From Dr Martin Hyde, School of Social Sciences

Sunday 6 November 2016

The British population is ageing. Today, about 10 million people living in the UK are aged 65+. This is expected to increase by 50% by 2050. As people are living longer and fewer people are being born the government is seeking to encourage people to remain work until later in life. However not everyone can or wants to continue working until much later in life. In this event, organised by Dr Martin Hyde, we had speakers from a wide range of backgrounds who discussed the challenges and opportunities of extending working lives.


  • Prof Tarani Chandola – Professor of Social Statistics, University of Manchester
  • Dr Martin Hyde – Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Manchester/MICRA
  • Dr Jan Hopkins – Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership/Ageing Well at Work
  • Lynne Wealleans - Director of Policy and Engagement Beth Johnston Foundation
  • Dr Margaret Coffey – Reader in Public Health, University of Salford
  • Clare Edge - PhD Student, University of Salford