Ageing and frailty: supporting dialogue between GPs and older people

from MICRA and Centre for Primary Care

Tuesday 20 December 2016

As a population we are living longer but with more long-term health conditions and impairments. This means we can probably expect to need a lot of medication in our older age. Research shows that the cumulative impact of having multiple conditions, medicines and impairments is far greater than the sum of each condition alone. Increasingly GPs and patients need to have difficult conversations around the impact of medication versus quality of life, especially with those who are most frail.

With the average General Practice doubling its annual consultations in the last six years, there is an urgent need for a simple yet sensitive tool to aid decision-making and care planning. Researchers in Manchester are looking at the electronic Frailty Index (eFI) and how it can best be used in General Practice to facilitate these discussions.

This afternoon of short talks and discussions by leading experts outlines what frailty is, what tools there are, what the frailty program is, and aims to investigate how the eFI could be used to improve the quality of life and optimize health and social care. Feedback from the audience is encouraged.


  • Dr Hein van Hout, Associate Professor of health services research, Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam 
  • Dr David Reeves, Reader in Statistics, Centre for Primary Care, University of Manchester
  • Prof Neil Pendleton, University of Manchester
  • Chair: Prof Harm Van Marwijk, Clinical Chair Primary Care General Practice, Centre for Primary Care, University of Manchester

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