Biology of ageing

Our biological research theme, which has at its heart, inflammation and the contribution to ageing, 'inflammageing'.

There are a series of projects within the Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation and a specific initiative on skin ageing, funded through collaboration with industry.

The SENSE-Cog project is a key project to improve mental wellbeing for older Europeans. The five-year SENSE-Cog project, led by The University of Manchester, aims to investigate the scale of combined sensory and cognitive problems, assess the combined impact and develop new tools that could improve quality of life and optimise health and social care budgets across Europe.

The project seeks to define the scale of the challenges so that authorities across the continent can allocate resources more optimally. Researchers have been developing online tests, guides and multi-lingual training manuals to help medical professionals diagnose and treat the combined problems more effectively.