Past events

We organise various events throughout the year, including seminars, conferences, symposia and webinars.

Current events

You can view all our current events at the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing website

Past events

Conferences and webinars

  • The Developing Age-Friendly Cities: Translating Urban Ageing Research into Practice conference, at the Museum of Science and Industry, bringing together 180 research, policy and practice stakeholders.
  • The Communities and COVID-19: The Impact of Social Inequality and Social Distancing on Older People webinar.

Research seminars

2020 seminars

  • Community interventions to promote 'ageing in place': developing the 'village' model in Manchester, 2020 - Dr Mhorag Goff, Dr Patty Doran, and Prof Chris Phillipson.
  • Urban migration and depression in later life in China: an investigation of life course effects, 2020 - Dr Nan Zhang.
  • Place and belonging in cities: age-friendly neighbourhoods or all-age neighbourhoods, 2020 - Prof Jenny Fisher.
  • Co-creating new housing models supporting Ageing in Place in Brussels, 2020 - Dr An-Sofie Smetcoran.

2019 seminars

  • Developing an ageing in place research project in Greater Manchester, 2019 - Paul McGarry, Strategic Lead of Greater Manchester Ageing Hub.
  • Developing age-friendly communities in the Northern Gateway urban regeneration project, 2019 - Dr Camilla Lewis and Niamh Kavanagh.
  • Why neighbourhoods matter for people living with dementia, 2019 - Dr Sarah Campbell.
  • Hot in the City, 2019 - Prof Arpana Verma.
  • Resilience in older age, 2019 - Kirsty Bagnall.
  • Making buildings for social care in later life: the absent presence of building users in architectural work, 2019.

2018 seminars

  • This is my home: an example of how visual and auditory methods can help us understand the significance of 'home' in later life, 2018 - Dr Pozzali.
  • Making people: what can later life and place help us understand about personhood, 2018 - Dr Ruth Colton.
  • An 'insider' perspective on the benefits and challenges of peer-research, 2018 - Dr Tine Buffel.
  • Making community through the exchange of material objects: an ethnography of the lives of older women in East Manchester, 2017 - Dr Camilla Lewis.
  • Spatial Agency in age-friendly communities, 2018 - Dr Mark Hammond.