About us

Understanding the relationship between population ageing and urban change has become a major issue for public policy and an increasingly important area for interdisciplinary research.

The Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG) brings together researchers from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. We are committed to working with national, regional and local government, third-sector organisations, NGOs, and older people, to promote 'age-friendly' urban environments.

Our researchers work on a range of themes which connect ageing societies with various dimensions of urban change, including:

  • inequalities facing older people living in areas of multiple deprivations;
  • how different dimensions of social exclusion impact upon the experience of ageing in urban environments;
  • developing new approaches to urban planning and design;
  • working with older people and other stakeholders as co-producers of knowledge about urban environments;
  • understanding the influence of home and neighbourhood on the lives of older people.

MUARG members have undertaken a number of studies around the concept of 'age-friendly' cities and communities, an approach developed by the World Health Organisation.

The key domains of an 'age-friendly community' include:

  • outdoor spaces and buildings;
  • social inclusion;
  • transportation;
  • service provision;
  • communication and information.

We are active in researching ways of applying the age-friendly model, working in collaboration with partners across Europe and North America.

Our aims

  • to undertake interdisciplinary research on urban ageing;
  • to develop international collaboration and cross-national research on ageing and urbanisation;
  • to promote new methodologies and knowledge exchange activities which involve older people as co-investigators;
  • to assist the development of evidence-based local, regional, and national policies which aim to improve the experience of ageing in cities;
  • to secure internal and external funds to support work on urban ageing.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

Listen to Dr Tine Buffel explain how our research contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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