Understanding our skin - what happens as we age?

On 31 October 2019, MICRA hosted the first seminar of the academic year.

MICRA was pleased to host our first seminar of the 2019/20 academic year - 'Understanding our skin – what happens as we age?' This event includeded a free networking lunch.

Our skin acts as an important barrier to the environment, but as we age it grows thinner and becomes more susceptible to damage, infection and chronic wounds. We believe that some of these changes may relate to lipids found within the skin, as well as microorganisms living on the skin surface. We aim to get a better understanding of the changes that ageing skin goes through, and are conducting a research study comparing young and older skin. We hope that by learning more about these age-related changes, we can understand how to intervene to keep older skin healthier for longer.


Seminar video

Listen to our guest speakers talk about their experiences at this year's seminar.