Inequalities in hearing and visual health

On 21 February 2019, MICRA hosted a seminar on Inequalities in hearing and visual health.

Hearing and vision difficulties are very common among older adults. Untreated hearing and vision problems lead to poor psychosocial well-being, poorer quality of life, reduced independence, social isolation, stigmatization, and restricted opportunities for work and social participation. But hearing and vision problems are easily preventable, and treatments for hearing and vision difficulties (e.g. hearing aids, glasses or cataract surgery) are very effective.

Unfortunately, hearing and vision problems affect those from more deprived social-economic backgrounds and those from ethnic minority backgrounds disproportionately. Additionally, people from more deprived social-economic backgrounds and minority backgrounds are less likely to access hearing and vision health care services. In this seminar, we presented research that identifies inequalities in hearing and vision health as well as opportunities to improve sensory health and redress inequality.


Seminar video

Listen to our guest speakers talk about their experiences at this year's seminar.