Consultancy work

Our researchers have specialist skills and expertise in ageing and in their own subject area.

Manchester is ranked in the top three UK universities for research (in the last Research Assessment Exercise) so you can be assured of the quality of our people. The Institute can help you understand your need, find the right researcher, set up introductory meetings and connect with our business engagement team:

Ways we can work with you

  • Commissioned research – an academic undertakes a specific piece of research for you
  • Collaborative research – working together with academics towards a common goal, eg PhD studentship
  • Consultancy – access to skills, expertise and equipment
  • Sponsored research projects – PhD student undertakes a specific piece of research for you under the supervision of a senior academic

Our researchers have successfully worked with local government, housing trusts, large multi-nationals and SMEs on consultancy and research projects.  

Benefits to you

  • Access to top academics with extensive knowledge and networks
  • Opportunity to influence and engage with the latest research
  • Fresh independent approach to problem solving
  • Support with commercialisation

Benefits to us

  • Gives research impact
  • Generates interesting research challenges
  • Networking and understanding of current sector trends
  • Opens up new funding streams

Find out more

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