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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Later life work, retirement and pensions

Exploring work and retirement and the economics of ageing is a significant area of interest within MICRA, with research covering:

  • Workforce, retirement and later life working
  • Pensions and consumption
  • Economics of ageing populations

Our researchers in this area include:

Professor James Banks

Professor James Banks is an expert on the economics of ageing. James models individual economic behaviour over the life cycle, examining consumption and spending patterns. This includes studying saving and asset accumulation, housing dynamics, and retirement and pension choices. James has begun to look at broader issues around the economics of ageing, such as health, physical and cognitive functioning and their association with labour market and broader socio-economic status at older ages. He also studies the dynamics of work disability and the nature and importance of individuals' expectations of retirement, health and longevity.

Professor Tarani Chandola

Professor Tarani Chandola is a medical sociologist with a particular interest in work stress and its effects on health over the life-course. He is also interested in health inequalities and trajectories of health inequalities from mid-life to early old age and works with James Nazroo on the research programme: Inequalities in later life frailty and wellbeing. He leads the research theme on ageing for the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health.

Dr Elaine Dewhurst

Dr Elaine Dewhurst is a lecturer in employment law and researches age discrimination in the workplace. She looks at the identification of structural inequalities based on age in the workplace which make it more difficult for older people to get work and to participate in workplace activities. This includes researching questions around recruitment practices, the mandatory retirement age and age discrimination law in Europe.

Dr Sheena Johnson

Dr Sheena Johnson is an occupational psychologist interested in workplace issues in the context of an ageing society. Her research has looked at the health and wellbeing of different age groups at work. Sheena studies how employees of different ages cope with stress at work and the implications for health and well-being.