Urbanisation and population ageing

Interdisciplinary perspectives on 'Ageing in place' in cities.

This research programme (2020-2025) will generate groundbreaking knowledge on population ageing and urbanisation – two of the most significant social trends of the 21st century.

It will be theoretically and methodologically innovative, drawing upon an interdisciplinary approach that involves fieldwork in seven contrasting cities across the world. This programme will transform current research on the relationship between ageing and urbanisation by addressing four objectives.

Research aims

1. Integrate interdisciplinary perspectives and empirical evidence in order to develop a new theoretical model of ageing in cities.
2. Examine patterns of population ageing across seven case study cities and explore similarities and differences in the ways in which cities have responded to demographic change.
3. Investigate the experience of 'ageing in place’ among diverse populations (long-term residents, ageing migrants, gender, class) living in neighbourhoods undergoing demographic and urban change in diverse city contexts.
4. Develop a theoretical framework for assessing age-friendly initiatives.

Research Team

Principal Investigator - Dr Tine Buffel

  • Dr Sophie Yarker
  • Dr Patty Doran


The Levenshulme Trust (Research Leadership Award)