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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Arlene Phillips highlights age-friendly Manchester on BBC One’s Holding Back the Years

3 April 2017

Arlene Phillips was in Manchester on BBC One’s Holding Back the Years this week.

The programme highlighted Manchester’s pioneering status as one of the world’s first age-friendly cities and the very first in the UK.

Arlene met with Paul McGarry, strategic lead of the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub. Paul explained that it is essential to redesign cities for people as they get older, which includes transport, accommodation as well as cultural services. Paul also mentioned that Manchester holds an older people’s forum and board to gain feedback on the progress that’s been made, and so far it’s made a brilliant difference to older people’s lives.

Paul commented that these changes are important because any improvement we make now will benefit everyone eventually, and it is positive progress to add age equality to the other forms of equality we’ve achieved in last fifty years.


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