Debora Price wins pensions industry award

14 October 2016

MICRA Director Professor Debora Price has been honoured with an award from the pensions industry. The-Pensions-Net-Work (TPNW) awarded Prof Price, 'Most thought provoking speaker 2006-2016' at their conference celebrating 10 years of the organisation on 4 October.

The Pensions-Net-Work was set up in 2006 to meet the needs of senior practitioners in the pensions, employee benefits, and long term savings industries. Debora's research centres on finance over the life course, especially pensions and poverty, and financial services for an ageing society. She has presented papers to TPNW four times over the last ten years and was thrilled to be recognised with the award. "It's really critical for academics to engage with industry, policy makers and practitioners so that the things that we think and say are rooted in real world understandings", said Professor Price, " I'm particularly pleased to be given this award by the industry - I think for an academic, presenting thought provoking work is exactly what you want to be doing."

The Network's strapline is "Leading Thought in Long Term Savings" and their members include leading companies and key individuals of influence from the pensions and savings world. Regular meetings are held throughout the year under Chatham House Rules to enable members to meet, discuss industry issues, and exchange ideas with their peers. The objective is to allow for open, constructive and intellectually stimulating debate at the cutting edge of new thinking, to address the challenges facing all segments of the industry.

Further information: The-Pensions-Net-Work

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