Participants needed for an online survey about consumers attitude towards ethical fashion

8 July 2016

University of Manchester Masters student, Luyao Wang, is hoping to examine consumers' attitudes towards ethical fashion purchase, especially how older adults think about ethical fashion

Ethical fashion products refer to CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES that are produced friendly to environment. Ethical fashion products are different from normal fashion products in that they are more concerned about minimize the impact of apparel production and consumption on the environment. These products could be:

  1. using sustainable raw materials,
  2. reducing the use of chemicals and fossil fuels,
  3. limiting waste and water usage. 

As a result of these measures, ethical products might have a higher price than normal products.

For further details and to take part in the survey please visit Survey on consumers' attitude towards Ethical Fashion or contact

Please note that second-hand clothing and charity shops are not considered in this study.

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