Health economist awarded fellowship on health and wellbeing in later life

3 June 2016

Dr Luke Munford has been awarded a Medical Research Council (MRC) Fellowship to research health and well-being in later life amongst the UK’s ageing population.

The three year fellowship at The University of Manchester’s Centre for Health Economics will enable Luke to study health and well-being in later life through measurement, predictions, and interventions.

The research will use survey data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) and other sources to track individuals from working age into older age, capturing contemporaneously reported life-events to predict health and wellbeing in older age. Luke hopes to inform policy by identifying vulnerable groups before they reach older age.

Luke will also evaluate the impact of strengthening community assets on health and wellbeing. Working with an integrated care initiative in Salford, Luke will look at whether activities such as social events at community centres do actually reduce demands on formal health and social care services as is believed to be in the case.

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