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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

New global declaration to tackle problems of poor skin health

12 December 2014

The University of Manchester joined experts in ageing and dermatology, including researchers from MICRA as well as the University’s Centre for Dermatology, in developing a consensus statement to advance the cause of skin health, and in particular skin ageing.

The consensus, announced by The International League of Dermatological Studies (ILDS) and The Global Coalition on Ageing, arose out of the 2014 Manchester Summit: A Life Course of Active Ageing and Healthy Skin, which was hosted by The University of Manchester. The event was the first ever gathering of academics, thought leaders, business leaders, non-profit  stakeholders and government policy makers, brought together to consider the topic of healthy skin and active ageing. Responding to issues such as skin fragility, ulceration, infection and skin cancer, the consensus promotes the significance of skin health, seeking to make it advance It on the global ageing agenda.

"As lifespans increase and birth-rates decrease, conditions that are widely associated with growing older, including the deterioration of our skin, become more prevalent," said Dr Michael Hodin, Executive Director of the Global Coalition on Aging

The consensus seeks greater analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of skin ageing if no action is taken, as well as the development of a research agenda, establishment of a network of global Centres of Excellent on skin health, and further collaboration and partnership among the dermatological and ageing communities across regions globally.

"Skin is our first line of defence, but as we age, it becomes less elastic, dryer and thinner and therefore less protective," said Professor Christopher Griffiths, Foundation Professor of Dermatology at The University of Manchester and Board Member of the ILDS.

"For too long, skin health has been neglected on the global ageing agenda. Our collective vision is one in which a life course approach to skin health leads to wellness, improved quality of life and enhanced social value."

The consensus marks the beginning as Manchester is put at the forefront of the fight for health skin ageing. "The Manchester Summit was the first bold step to align medical, business, government, NGO and academic communities to create and implement local and global strategies to encourage healthy skin ageing," said Humberto C. Antunes, President and CEO of Galderma and the Summit's supporting partner.

"We encourage other companies and organisations to join us in our commitment to pursuing this innovative agenda and welcome the opportunity for diverse interdisciplinary partnerships and dialogues."

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