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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Participants are required for discussions on ‘living well with dementia'

2 July 2015

Do you work with or for people with dementia?

Researchers at The University of Manchester invite you to participate in a small group discussion about what it means to ‘live well with dementia’. Participation would involve a one-off discussion of up to five people who work in dementia care. Discussions will last around 90 minutes, and take place at the University of Manchester Oxford Road campus between 20-24 July 2015.

The aim of the research is to develop a better understanding of the individual, social and environmental factors that enable people to live well with dementia. The objective is to set out a full account of the determinants of ‘well-being’ and ‘vulnerability’ in the context of dementia care, with the aim of illuminating what can be done, in terms of policy and practice, to ensure that people with dementia and their carers are able to live well.

If you are interested in taking part in the research, please email Annie Austin for more information and the dates and times of the discussions:

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