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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Greater Manchester Ageing Conference 2017

from the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub (which includes MICRA)

Thursday 16 February 2017

GM Ageing Conference 2017 was a landmark event organised by the GM Ageing Hub, bringing together a wide range of influential GM leaders, world-leading academics and community sector innovators to discuss prospects for building an age-friendly city-region.  

The conference also marks GM's five-year partnership with the Centre for Ageing Better and its long-term collaboration with the World Health Organisation

We aim to:

  • Launch the GM Ageing Hub to key policy-makers and social actors.
  • Present findings from new GM Ageing Foresight and Policy reports.
  • Showcase GM as an international centre of excellence on ageing.
  • Promote GM and external best practice in ageing research, policy and practice.
  • Promote GM's partnership with the Centre for Ageing Better.
  • Be a platform for taking action across GM agencies and communities.


Further information

Gareth Williams (


Developing a strategy for age-friendly Greater Manchester