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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Vulnerability, resilience and inequality

Expert briefing on improving later life in Greater Manchester

From MICRA, Age UK and Age-Friendly Manchester

Thursday 5 November



Expert briefing from Professor James Nazroo on the research evidence on inequalities in later life and how these relate to the concepts of vulnerability and resilience, followed by workshop style discussions on how to work with older people to address inequalities across the population of Greater Manchester. Input from Paul McGarry on approaches to improving later life, from Dr Ivan Benett on improving health as a GP and commissioner, and from Bernadette Ashcroft on how local Age UKs are working with older people. Chaired by Professor James Goodwin, Head of Research, Age UK. Includes update on the development of the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and the North West launch of the Age UK report ‘Improving later life. Vulnerability and resilience in older people’


Some factors and experiences make us more susceptible to the risk of adverse outcomes in later life, while others help to buoy us up and protect us. Drawing on the latest research on inequalities in later life, this event explores how to work with older people to minimise inequalities across the population of Greater Manchester. This briefing and workshop is aimed at policy makers, commissioners and providers of services to older people and those in mid-life including local government, NHS and the third sector.