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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

MICRA Seminar: 'What pensions crisis?'

This public seminar presented two pieces of collaborative research that provided new insights on the sustainability of pension provision in the UK.

First, Alan Marshall, offered a demographers perspective, using a set of population projections to reflect on the relative importance of the various drivers of population ageing in the UK and the implications that these carry for pension sustainability. Second, John Read presented a basic mathematical analysis highlighting the sustainability of various forms of pension schemes in the context of the forecast population ageing. Finally, Professor James Banks, reflected on the research findings of each paper.

  • Reception and launch of Memorandum of Understanding

This seminar was followed by the official launch of a formal agreement for closer working between The University of Manchester and Age UK hosted by Professor Chris Phillipson, MICRA Executive Director, and Professor James Goodwin, Head of Research Age UK.

From MICRA and the Frailty, Resilience and Inequality in Later Life (fRaill) project
Followed by reception and launch of MICRA and Age UK Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Monday 29 September 2014