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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Hayley James

Title: Connecting policy with the personal: UK pension reforms and individual financial decision making

PhD summary

This research will look at how people who have been through the auto-enrolment process for workplace pensions have reacted to it, what actions have they taken. The purpose is to determine what the impact of this policy has been on individual decision making around pensions. The research will involve a series of one-hour interviews with employees who have been auto-enrolled into a pension and have either stuck with the default auto-enrolment contribution for their pension or increased their contribution, as well as those who have opted out from the scheme.


September 2015 - September2018


ESRC and Case Partner, the Pensions Policy Institute

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The University of Manchester


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Hayley has a background in economic anthropology and sociology, and studied at Goldsmiths and Kings College London before coming to Manchester. Her previous research was on the Brixton Pound, a community currency in South London.

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