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Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing

Amy Cathryn Barron

Title (tentative): Interrogating the 'age-friendly city': A study of lived experience

PhD summary

PhD Summary My research contends that the variegated nature of urban living, lived experience and indeed, age itself is frequently generalised in policies geared toward the ageing, urban population.

In response, I examine relational understandings of place in the context of a burgeoning policy interest.  Through the development of a creative, participatory methodology, I draw on recent innovations within more-than representational theories to develop research attentive to the fluid and habitual nature of lived experience.

Ultimately, my research aims to transform understandings of what might be understood as an ‘Age-Friendly City’ by examining the lived experience of place and age, and considers how this might be addressed within future policy and approaches to an ageing urban population.





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The University of Manchester


Discipline area

Human Geography


I am a cultural and social Geographer interested in more-than representational theories, geographies of ageing and theories of place.  I have been part of Geography at Manchester since 2012 where I completed my BA (hons) in Geography (2015), MSc in Geographical Science (2016) and current PhD (2016 - 2019).  Each research endeavour has involved working with older people, within the background context of creating ‘age-friendly cities’.

Topical interests: more-than representational theories; matter and materiality; place; geographies of ageing; sensory geographies; subjectivity; dialogue; temporality; performance; relationality; participatory and creative methodologies; encounter; urban geography; affect and emotion.


  • Barron, A (2017). Checklists alone cannot create age-friendly places: lived experiences matter. [online]. Available: 
  • Barron, A (2016). Age-Friendly Seating and Sense of Place. [online]

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